Chairman – Vincent Viola

Mr. Viola graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1977. He served in the 101st Airborne Division and completed both Ranger and Airborne Schools. In 1983, he graduated from the New York Law School. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Virtu Financial and served as both the Vice Chairman (1993–1996) and Chairman (2001–2004) of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Mr. Viola has launched a number of successful businesses during his career, including Virtu Financial and a regional banking group in Texas that is now listed on NASDAQ (IBTX). Shortly after September 11, 2001, Mr. Viola was instrumental in founding the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. As an active alumnus of the Academy, he has a passion to support West Point’s mission to educate, train, and inspire the next generation of Army leaders.

Strategic Advisor and Chief Historian – General John P. Abizaid

A graduate of the class of 1973 from the United States Military Academy, General Abizaid has had a distinguished and storied career in the U.S. Army. He served as the 66th Commandant of Cadets at West Point from 1997 to 1999, was the Director of the Joint Staff, and Commander of United States Central Command. His military education extends to being a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College and an Army War College Senior Fellowship at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. His civilian studies include an Olmsted Scholarship at the University of Jordan, Amman, and a Master of Arts degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Following his active duty service, he served as the Distinguished Chair of the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He works with the Preventative Defense Project at Stanford University and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Through JPA Partners, LLC, General Abizaid provides strategic and analytic consulting services to corporate, non-profit, international, and government clients.

Chief Executive Officer – Anthony (Tony) Manganiello

Mr. Manganiello graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1977. Mr. Manganiello has 30-years of experience as a technology and operations leader in the United States Army and financial services sector. He retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, and participated in many deployments, including Operation Desert Storm. He holds a MS in robotics from MIT as well as numerous other advanced degrees in finance and management. He currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Virtu Financial where he is responsible for the design, implementation, and day-to-day operations of the firm’s non-trading activities, while remaining fully integrated with the technology development and infrastructure of Virtu. Mr. Manganiello worked previously at both Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers before coming to Virtu. Having taught mathematics at West Point and teaching as an adjunct professor for many years, he is excited to push the envelope of digital education technology in order to transform learning inside and outside of the classroom.

President – Timothy R. Strabbing

Tim Strabbing graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2001, serving as Brigade Commander his final year. Mr. Strabbing was awarded a Marshall Scholarship to attend Oxford University, earning a Master’s Degree in Russian and Eastern Studies. As an infantry officer in the Marine Corps, Mr. Strabbing served two combat tours in Al Anbar, Iraq, including leading a platoon in the Battle of Fallujah. Mr. Strabbing subsequently taught U.S. foreign policy and irregular warfare in the Political Science Department at the Naval Academy. After leaving active duty, he served as a civilian policy advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. Mr. Strabbing currently serves as the Executive Director of the Viola Foundation, focusing on education, national security, and faith-based initiatives. In addition to his leadership of Rowan Technology, he enjoys facilitating fellowships for the Madison Policy Forum, supporting the Downing Scholarship program, and range of other philanthropic activities.