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Efficiency Gains

A symphony of interactives, from animated maps and timelines to visually striking info graphics and data visualization widgets (all designed with pedagogy in mind), enable students to efficiently understand and retain the "who, what, when, where" and devote more class time to higher level analysis and evaluation.

Rich Metadata

Rowan Technology products are tagged for recurring themes, which provides students with the ability to perform detailed searches. This functionality can be particularly useful in preparing papers or projects.

A Learning Ecosystem

Students wielding tablets or notebook computers in classrooms equipped with televisions or projectors can participate in the classroom experience like never before. In many cases, a teacher demonstrating her tablet on a television can seamlessly pass control of the television to student devices. Moreover, third-party apps can further enhance the experience. For example, an app that enables an instructor to draw on the screen (telestrate) can visually aid a lecture or help the instructor emphasize a point.

Rigorous Scholarship

Extensive endnotes guide readers to the author's sources, both primary and secondary—in many cases with embedded hyperlinks, which give readers direct access to the texts cited.

Full-Spectrum Learning

Students click and touch widgets, listen to audio interviews, watch animations and videos, and read the author’s text. By engaging multiple senses and regularly alternating between sensory requirements, The West Point History of Warfare keeps students engaged, reduces reader’s fatigue, and improves retention.

Outside the Classroom

The mobility of our fully immersive products allows students to access content at the bus stop, on a train ride, or at a coffee break.



Time-Space Comprehension

Students can view an animated map or timeline across its entire space and time. Traditional print maps can only show discrete moments, which requires the student to conjecture what occurred in between—animated maps obviate that need. Scrolling timelines that drive events across the map capture the relationship between space and time in a way that a traditional text cannot.

Curated Primary Sources

Photographs, cartoons, works of art, video clips, and primary source text immerse students in the period they are studying. Moreover, many of these primary sources are digitally curated with “hot-spotting” technology. For example, students can touch key visuals in a political cartoon or work of art to learn more about the symbolism and political context.


Higher Engagement

84% agreed or strongly agreed the new interactive e-book made the course more interesting.

Seamless Learning

67% agreed or strongly agreed the interactive e-book led them to read more and made learning easier.

More A's


46% increase in 'A' grades earned

*Figures are based on a survey of over 1,100 West Point cadets. Grade comparison is relative to average grades over the previous five years, a period during which traditional textbooks were used.

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